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Spacetime Studios, LLC - Full Metal Jackpot artwork Full Metal Jackpot
Spacetime Studios, LLC
Genre: Games
Release Date: July 28, 2018

"A super lightweight, fast and highly enjoyable experience." – Pocket Gamer

Compete against players from all over the world in a frenzied test of shooting skill, character-advancement and strategy! Grab stacks of cash to buy powerful upgrades and create your perfect build. Advance to 'Max Level' while under fire in a constantly evolving battle that never slows down! Knock out other players to collect priceless Gold coins. Plan your escape and steal the ever-increasing Jackpot (before you get knocked-out)! Climb the seasonal leader-boards for most escapes, most coins stolen in a single escape, and longest kill-streak in a match to earn unique titles and badges. Collect crazy, kooky, and kick-ass vanity items to mix-and-match! Unlock dances, emotes, tags and trails to celebrate your most spectacular plays.

+ Instant action! No queueing. No waiting. Just hop in and go.
+ Grab cash, buy upgrades and create your perfect build.
+ Customize your look with tons of vanities.
+ Collect gold by knocking out other players.
+ Get to the Escape Pod to steal the Jackpot!
+ Advance on the seasonal leader-boards to unlock titles and badges.
+ Chill in the Six Shots Saloon and talk trash with the competition.

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