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Genre: Games
Release Date: June 7, 2018

You got an invitation to the Kingdom of Flores! Your niece Ashley says she’d love to see you.
Set sail for the magical realm and start your adventure in this beautiful land!

Key features:
• Experience unique gameplay that takes puzzle games to a whole new level.
• Complete beautiful match-three levels as you help the people of the kingdom.
• Take a break from your daily routine! Go on thousands of heroic quests while exploring a magical realm.
• Solve mysteries, protect the local inhabitants from danger, and help lonely hearts find true love.
• Get awesome bonuses from the little dragon helper as you puzzle out various match-three levels.
• Enjoy the game by yourself or with the family: anyone can take part in this huge adventure!
• Collect artifacts and find mysterious objects to receive valuable rewards!
• Unravel the story! The game is constantly evolving and growing: new storylines and levels are added regularly to bring you an unforgettable adventure that never ends.

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