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Raman Kupryianchyk
Genre: Books
Release Date: September 14, 2018

Ever had to read through a an email, book or an article on the web, but felt like it took ages to read through it all?

Our technology lets you burn through all those books and articles that have been piling up by making speed reading easy even for someone with no training. The average adult reading speed is 250 wpm. With Focus app, you could double or even triple that speed after just a little bit of practice.

Each word appears in the same place on the screen, your eye can stay fixed on that point while words flip through more quickly than you could hunt them down on a page. Indeed, using the application gives a strong impression that you can read very quickly.

For example, you could set the reading rate at 1,000 words per minute, which, if you can actually follow along at that speed, would let you breeze through the 309-page Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in under 77 minutes. You could even set the rate higher, though we don’t recommend it. You’d probably be more comfortable at 350 wpm, which is slightly higher than the 250 wpm that most people average.

With this technology you’ll read fast like never before.
You can read any books in DOC, DOCX or TXT (simple text file) formats.


"Focus" makes speed reading available to anyone! Save your time with our application!
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