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Robert gremillion - Flippin Discs artwork Flippin Discs
Robert gremillion
Genre: Games
Price: $0.99
Release Date: January 30, 2017

Flippin Discs is a fun and easy-to-play arcade game for adults. It’s an interesting memory game that improves your concentration power too!

The year is 2067 and most communication is done via Information Disc. By this time, Advertisers have perfected their tactics to reach you with their Ads. They have discovered a way to sneak their Ads onto these Discs.

But you have not given up, you have learned how to spot Discs with Ads on them and you are able to let them go by and fall into the grinder you built to destroy them all.

Press Start Game and the Discs fall from above.

You earn points by collecting all of the Non Ad Discs.
If you let a Non Ad Disc hit the Grinder below, you lose.
If you click on an Ad Disc, you lose the game also.

MAJOR HINT: Let the Discs flip completely over before clicking on them.

There are 30 levels to complete to win the game. Each level consists of 12 rows of discs. How far can you get???

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