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Benjamin Zachey - Fast Cards - Card Game artwork Fast Cards – Card Game
Benjamin Zachey
Genre: Games
Price: $0.99
Release Date: July 23, 2013

Do you have a keen eye and quick reactions?
If so, Fast Cards is for you!

– 2 players compete against each other
– 125 different cards are available
– The cards are printed with a specific number of symbols in a particular color
– There are 5 different symbols, 5 different colors, and the number varies from 1 to 5
– You and your opponent start with 34 random cards (it is possible to get 2 ore more identical cards)
– In the middle of the board are 2 random community cards (the community piles)
– A player only sees his first 3 cards
– The remaining cards will be displayed in a pile indicator
– It is not possible to see the cards of the opponent
– Your mission is to place all of your cards to the community piles before your opponent does
– A player can only play the 3 cards he can see
– When a card is placed, the next one appears instantly (thus, always 3 cards are playable)
– To place a card, symbol, color, or the number must match the community card
– You can instantly place the next card after you have placed one (this game is not round-based!)
– Caution! If you try to place a wrong card, you will get a new random card in addition
– Who places his last card wins the game

– Beat the computer in 12 levels and improve your level score
– Play local games on same device
– Play online games and improve your online score
– Earn achievements and battle your way to the top of the leaderboards

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