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Genre: Entertainment
Release Date: November 29, 2018

Face Truth makes it EASY to find out MORE about you.
– Want to know what you look like at 60?
– Curious about your mysterious ethnicity?
– Imagine how your Future Baby would be like?
– Get your Face Score and compete with your friends?
Just take a photo and you can get the PROFESSIONAL Analysis by using advanced Facial Recognition Technology.
Major Features:
【Age Your Face】
By analyzing your Facial Features and using complex
Mathematical Transformation Model, you can See how you look when you are 60.
【Analyze Ethnicity】
Face Genetics combined with BIG DATA helps to analyze
one’s Ethnicity and you can finally find out where your ancestors come from.
【Predict Future Baby】
DNA is hidden in YOUR face, which allows to predict what your baby will look like!
【Beauty Contest】
The Face Statistics will tell you who is really MORE beautiful.
Enjoy the contest with your friends!
The app can't be 100 percent accurate, just help you understand yourself better, feel the value of time and look forward to the future.
Enjoy it and Thank you!

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