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Lewei Zhou
Genre: Entertainment
Release Date: December 14, 2018

Face Reading & Horoscope: Based on the latest face detection techniques and ancient face reading art, Face Secret Pro analyzes your facial features to tell you some secrets about you. Daily horoscope predictions notice you what you should pay attention to today!
Let’s gain insight into your face secret! And it’s purely for entertainment, enjoy it and have fun with your friends!

• Have you ever wanted to see an older version of yourself? With Face Secret Pro, you can swap your current self for an old one.

【Ethnicity Scanner】
• Are you aware of the origin of yourself? Come and take a face scanning to have some fun and learn more about yourself!

【Future Baby】
• Isn’t it interesting that you can see the looking of your future baby right in a minute? Based on your photos and choose to add your partner’s photo, the new feature will match you two and generate your future baby!

【Future Predictor】
• Get your personal prediction about your marriage and career. When will you get married? What kind of occupation is more suitable for you? Will you become super-rich in the future? Come and discover it by yourself.

【Beauty Contest】
• Play with your friends and gain more fun. By providing the photos of you and your friend, you can easily see who is more beautiful.

【Daily Horoscope】
• Want to know what you should pay attention to today? 12 horoscope signs are provided here.

-Face Secret Pro provides a deep analysis of person’s face and horoscope, which can help you learn more about yourself, but it mainly aims to entertain and you can be a better you by following your heart. Stop hesitating. Join us and enjoy it.
-Information needed in the App are secure and only use for accurate service.
Privacy Policy: https://bit.ly/2C113tS

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us via michealj0915@gmail.com
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