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Genre: Business
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Release Date: July 3, 2015

Language is key to credibility, advancement, and confidence. Yet business English is obfuscating, confusing and infuriating. That doesn’t have to be true. The ExecuSpeak Dictionary® series is designed to make it easier to learn and use the technical jargon, acronyms and abbreviations. The first in the series is the Original ExecuSpeak Dictionary® with its more than 510 terms that are commonly used in in business.

This PRO edition includes the the 144 terms in the free sampler plus the additional 374 terms available via in-app purchase. We've eliminated the two step process in order to make this app available in Apple's Volume Purchasing Programs. There are two other editions… Business English for Residential Real Estate and Business English for Zoning and Real Estate (Philadelphia Edition).

Every industry, every company, every project has its own vocabulary. ExecuSpeak Dictionary® definitions take into account that the language of business is dependent on context and frequently uses common language in special ways. As more books and vocabularies become available, they will be offered as a part of this iPhone app.

The Benefit
ExecuSpeak Dictionary® places key vocabulary terms, acronyms, and concepts in the hands of those who need the vocabulary when and where they need it. It takes 7-20 repetitions of a new term to make it one’s “own.” The goal of ExecuSpeak Dictionary®’s Toolkit is to accelerate learning and increase retention by making it easy, and subtle, to refresh the memory… not just when learning but months later when recall will be necessary.

What makes ExecuSpeak Dictionary unique:

•Assumes knowledge on the part of the user
•Designed for the reader to “drink in” the definition and the usage
•Serious in intent and purpose but not pedantic
•Format lends itself to any topic
•No scrolling required in smartphone formats

At execuspeakdictionary.com you can see the great reviews, demo Dixio’s software, find links to the product stores, or download a preview of the Original ExecuSpeak Dictionary. Of course, you can also download a preview on your iPhone.

Founder, Carol Heiberger, has combined her Wharton MBA, long career in new product development, consulting, and teaching to make business English more accessible.

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