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Nguyen Dung - English Verb Conjugator - flashcard, quiz artwork English Verb Conjugator – flashcard, quiz
Nguyen Dung
Genre: Education
Price: $0.99
Release Date: May 22, 2016

This app provides the digital tools and study material to help you learn how to conjugate over 2000 English verbs in all tenses.

●● Unique features:
– Example usage from news
– Audio feature, learn by listening

● Multiple choice QUIZ
– 21 multiple choice quizzes
– Quizzes and answers shuffle every time
– You got score only if you give correct answer at the first time

– There are 22 decks for you to select
– Flip a flashcard to see its gerund, past and past participle form
– Audio feature to help you remember a verb

– Learn and play – match a word with its meaning

● Words of The day
– Learn 5 verbs daily with Words of The day feature

● Random words
– Learn 5 random verbs with Random words feature

● Voice feature
– Learn by repeatedly listening

● Other features:
– Over 2000 verbs with meanings
– Bookmark your words

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