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Thanh Nguyen
Genre: Education
Price: $1.99
Release Date: October 24, 2016

This app provides a browsable, searchable version of The Dictionary of English Phrase Origin

The dictionary of phrase origin details the fascinating and little known stories behind thousands phrases, idioms and proverbs that we use every day.

Anyone interested in the English language will be fascinated by
the origin of phrases coined at sea like "know the ropes", or phrases found in Bible like "A drop in the bucket" or phrases coined by William Shakespeare like "All's well that ends well"

▸ Flashcard
– 40 decks
– Flip a card to see its meaning

▸ Quiz
– 40 quizzes
– Find a phrase that has meaning in the question

▸ User-defined list
– Create your custom list

▸ Words of the day
– Learn 5 phrases daily

▸ Learn random phrase
– Learn 5 random phrases

▸ Basic features include:
– Easy navigation
– Bookmark a phrase
– Search a phrase
– Over 2000 phrases with meaning and origin

▸ If you want to suggest a new function or report an issue, please send feedback to us. Thank you!
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