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Petr Kulaty
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Release Date: December 18, 2013

I went, I was going, I have gone or I had gone…? Which tense do you use in which situation?

Section 1:
• Diagnostic test 1 + Table of tenses
• Present simple and continuous
• Past simple and continuous
• Present perfect simple and continuous
• Past perfect simple and continuous
• Future simple and continuous
• Future perfect simple and continuous
Section 2:
• Diagnostic test 2 + Table of verb forms
• Going to versus present tenses for future
• Passive voice
• Time clauses
• Conditional tense
• If clauses
• Indirect speech
• Irregular verbs

• Table of tenses
• Clear explanations of the form and use in simple English.
• A lof of examples from everyday English showing the contrasts of the forms.
• List of irregular verbs

• You can practice all tenses in 129 exercises with 1330 questions.
• Write your answers (gap filling) or choose the correct forms (multiple choice).
• Check your answers or show the correct forms.
• Your answers are marked at the end of each exercise.

With eGrammar you can improve your English tenses in one or two months.
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