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Ludigames - Endless Space Defense artwork Endless Space Defense
Genre: Games
Release Date: June 18, 2018

Space is a dangerous place! But infinite enemies means endless fun in this idle defense game.

Wave after wave of foes will fly at you, as your Starships shoot ‘em down and gather Gold. Over time your foes will grow, and you’ll need to spend that Gold to upgrade your ships and overcome the challenge!

But sooner or later, WHAM! An enemy gets through… AND THAT’S JUST THE BEGINNING!

That’s because Endless Space Defense really is endless! Whenever your defenses are breached, the challenge resets, but your upgrades remain. That means you can boost them higher than before! You can even close the game and come back later to gather your Gold. See just how powerful you can get, and how many waves you can blast!

Get ready to launch your space adventure now!
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