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Genre: Games
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Release Date: April 10, 2017

Easter Memory Game

*For children age 2-5

-It's simple and fun fruit memory game that consists of 9 levels;
-Each time you start a new level the fruits are mixed and the child should try and match as much pairs as possible;
-As your child advances through the game more fruit pairs are added.

How to play
-You can open only two squares simply by clicking on them, and each square reveals one of the many fruits;
-If you open two identical fruits they classify as matched;
If you open two non-identical fruits, then you get the chance to open two more squares, until you find and match all the pairs;
-During the game the child should watch and remember what was on each square and where it was;
-The child can move on to the next level once it has matched all the pairs.

To parents
-This type of game helps children age 2-5, develop their memory skills while playing and having fun;
-The game doesn't contain any in-app purchases or advertising and it's 100% safe to be played by this population.

Educational categories:

Healthy exercise to the child's brain
Improve concentration
Enhance cognitive skills
Boost brain functionality
Train visual memory
Increase short term-memory
Prevent memory-related illness
Help to keep focus
Increase attention
Playing memory games against the clock forces faster thinking.

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