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Genre: Games
Release Date: September 13, 2018

"Draw Fast" is a new AI game that can keep you occupied. And it's based on one of the all-time classic time-killing activities: doodling. 

It is a fun game that uses A.I. technology to guess what you’re doodling. You’re given a word and 20 seconds to draw it. During those 20 seconds, the AI guesses what you’re drawing as you draw it until it guesses right or time runs out.

The game is really fun and has over 60 levels. For each level, there are six rounds where you are given a random word to draw. The AI is very smart (most of the time), but when it's not, it’s pretty funny.

Note: Draw Fast game uses Artificial Intelligence to recognize user doodling. This AI was trained on Google's open source QuickDraw dataset.
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