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Interactive Tech Ltd - Dish Wash Kids Game artwork Dish Wash Kids Game
Interactive Tech Ltd
Genre: Games
Price: $0.99
Release Date: June 4, 2017

Summer is here. Lots of food and good cheer! But when it's time to clean the plates, no one dares to contemplate!

Keep your kids busy with this educational and fun game to teach them how to keep the dishes clean. This game comes with a variety of dishes to wash that come to life as you play.

Kids come and learn to wash dishes – who knows, with a bit of work and a some magic wishes! When you're done in a while, it's so much fun your plate will smile!

This game is ideal for kids and their parents too! Cleaning dishes with just one finger, its easy and simple.

Choose a plate, and use all the cleaning tools and soap. Scrub those dirty dinner plates until they're clean and shiny!
© © Farai Matsika

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