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Genre: Education
Price: $2.99
Release Date: January 29, 2014

A modern classic in a great new format!

In 2005, Tim McCreight published a pocket-size book called Design Language for use in foundation and design classes. Since then it has become established as a required text at many universities and found a wide readership among practicing artists and architects working at all levels. The book was based on three ideas: it must be affordable, compact enough for everyday use and unbiased. Where many books on design use photographs to illustrate concepts, McCreight felt that this hinders rather than helps designers looking for their own voice.

Like the original book (still in print), the Design Language app presents 100 terms commonly used in art and design. Each word is provided with a dictionary definition and the etymological roots of the term. The author then provides subjective thoughts about the word, often placing it in an unusual context or giving it an unexpected spin. Each word is accompanied by four related terms, now hyperlinked so you can zoom quickly along a chain of meaning.

– 100 commonly used art words
– Links from each term to four other words
– Hear each word spoken
– Every word has a whimsical animation
– Fluid navigation makes it easy to move within the app

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