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Genre: Games
Price: $3.99
Release Date: September 22, 2016

Let’s start to chase and shoot walking dead! Mount the mighty gun on the roof of your car, invest the spiked ram, check the level of fuel and start the death race! Play Dead Squad Race 3D game and build a zombie smashing machine and leave those zombies no chance to survive in this wasteland!

At the start of this unusual and dangerous race, you just have an old rust truck and bad quality two-barreled shotgun. But you can earn money for each destroyed enemy and can buy new weapons or update the car! Dead Squad Race 3D your chance to create the most powerful realistic zombie killer machine ever!

Drive your car through a post-apocalyptic city full of zombies, grind zombies to the mince with rotating blades, destroy them this battery ram and spiked plates into melee, or shoot from your mounted gun from a distance! Don't get overrun by dangerous zombies squads, and don’t let them eat your brain. Save your life, avoid other cars and obstacles in your path and exterminate undead hordes with Dead Squad Race 3D game!

Dead Squad Race 3D features:
– Ultimate zombie chase simulator ever
– Wide range of upgrades and weapons for your car
– Several challenging levels with various difficulty
– Ultimate combination of racing game and zombie shooter

Hurry up and get into your car, your hometown is already overrun by zombies and there is only single person – you!
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