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ZHOU RUSUI - Data Tamer artwork Data Tamer
Genre: Games
Release Date: January 17, 2018

==Game features==
【More than 120 kinds of cute pets, wait for me to search. 】
Ferocious, cute, disdain, thundered… More than 120 kinds of adorable pets for you to rein. Pet master, where are you?
【Challenge each gym, I'm the most powerful. 】
Changing fantasy world, different styles of battle scenes, exceed 200 kinds of skills effects, fully automatic make the fight easy and comfortable! Adorable pets band also has a strong reserve force!
【Adorable pets all over the place, ultimate evolution awaits. 】
Upgrade, rising star, adorable pets evolution. Unlimit strategy, evolution with four-phrase in appearance. You will like it!
【Mainland challenge opens soon. Ready to battle with your pets 】
Arena, Indiana, and other activities, in turn, open, copy of PVE and PVP play, rich reward armed baby war band. Adorable pets into combat mode.
【Restore adorable pets,Original sound shocks. 】
Adorable pet are set rigorously, fully embody the fetters of relationship, strategic fit is incredibly powerful, with the original CV vocals, bring you to pure two dimensional world.

Do you have any questions about the game? We are very happy to solve any problems you encounter in the game, please contact us in time.
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