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Ahmed Malik - Cricket Run Out 3D artwork Cricket Run Out 3D
Ahmed Malik
Genre: Games
Price: $1.99
Release Date: July 13, 2017

Cricket, the most popular sports in the world; every section of it has its own beauty & surprises – Now introducing a revolutionary idea of field!
Instead of facing mere mortals, you have to stop the ball and throw the cricket ball towards wickets to hit them.

Smash as many wickets as you can but be wary, as there would be some dew factor in the environment causing ball to swing left or right.
Featuring endless game play (Fielding side), a raft of innovative challenge, Cricket – Run-Out is the ultimate test of your cricket fielding skills.

Game Modes:

• Total time 90 sec
• Hit as many wickets as you can
• Hitting Clock target will increase 10 seconds in total time

• This mode will have 6 overs
• Each over will have 5 balls; total 30 balls to play
• Hit 3 wickets successfully to proceed to next over

• This mode is complete fielding action
• Tap the screen to stop the coming ball
• Swipe the ball back towards the wickets to hit
• There will be 30 balls to play

How to Play:
• Swipe to throw the ball in the wickets
• Hit Clock target to get an increase of 10 seconds in total time
• Tap ball to stop and swipe to throw the ball back to wickets
• Plan before throwing ball to wickets

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