Cops and Gangs: Robber Stopper – Mik Serpuhovitin

Mik Serpuhovitin - Cops and Gangs: Robber Stopper artwork Cops and Gangs: Robber Stopper
Mik Serpuhovitin
Genre: Games
Price: $0.99
Release Date: July 15, 2017

Become a brave Blocks Sheriff! Fight for the law and order in your city!

There are many mobs of robbers on your way! Some of them have already stopped the best shooters. Stop the robber madness, use different weapons with some tactical advantages.

Sheriff has many powerful weapons:

1. Uzi – high fire rate!
2. Rifle – big damage, average fire rate!
3. Shotgun – mighty weapon with lots of damage with a short range of fire!
4. Revolver – can shoot any foe to the bone!
5. Rocket Launcher – kills lots of mobs with one shot!
6. Tommy gun – exclusive trench broom, cleaning your streets with bullets!
7. Minigun – excellent machine gun will make you the chief of the streets!
8. Bulldog – huricane of deadly grenades!

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Shotgun is slow but deadly. With shotgun you can kill several foes with one shot!

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