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Tap Anywhere - Connect - Rotate Puzzle artwork Connect – Rotate Puzzle
Tap Anywhere
Genre: Games
Release Date: November 7, 2018

The Goal is to connect all orbs of the same color.
Tap on elements and shapes to rotate them. Unexpected twists like bridges or teleports will challenge your brain.

All stages are designed for you to think out of the box and sharpen your mind.
Can you collect every Goldstar to unlock the Star packs?

Designed to be play on the go. No matter if you are relaxing with a cup of tea or waiting for the train. Connect will help you kill time and sharpen your brain at same time.

– 300 unique levels of connecting the dots
– Zen-like experience cures anxiety
– Simple level pack for infants and children
– Special level packs for experts
– The plumber experience redefined
– Calming and Peaceful
– Collect 3 Special Stars in every level
– No violence – This is a stress relieving game
– No gambling
– Super addictive puzzle game that you can play even offline
– Small file size and no battery drainer!
– Endless game mode is coming!

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