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Geert Docter - Coinski - master the odds artwork Coinski – master the odds
Geert Docter
Genre: Games
Price: $0.99
Release Date: October 2, 2017

Coinski is a great new puzzle game where you and your opponent drop coins into a maze and try to get as many out as possible. The rules are simple but the depth is surprising!

At first, winning seems a matter of luck but then you find more and more clever ways to improve your odds. You win more bets with friends, and improve your high scores when playing alone.


Each turn, you drop a coin into one of the maze's columns. Your do that in such a way that the most coins will come out during your own turns (and the least during your opponent's).

The coins are held back by gates that react to passing coins. This means that you can use your coin to get other coins out during your turn, making them yours. But watch out that they don't get stuck themselves, ready for your opponent to snatch it!

You win by dropping coins in the best lanes and tilting your device at the best times.


​In the multiplayer mode, each player bets 15 coins. One coin may stand for anything: honor, a drink, marbles, kisses, money, jewelry, real estate… you decide!

Your aim is to win back as many coins as possible. Once you win back your 15 coins, you also get the ones left in the pot and the maze.


In the solo version, the app is your opponent and it is not smart at all. Luck decides in which column it throws the coins.

But it's not easy. When your opponent has won a certain amount of coins, your game is over.

In the beginning, at level 1, this amount is just 1! But at level 2 it will be 2, and so on. The amount equals your player level. This means that along with your level, your high scores will increase.

To increase your level, the average score of your last ten scores needs to be above a certain number that depends on your level. This means that all of your game scores count, including the bad ones. Of course, the number is chosen so that reaching the next level gets slightly harder as your player level increases.

Have fun!
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