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Coca-Cola - Coca-Cola® artwork Coca-Cola®
Genre: Food & Drink
Release Date: March 28, 2018

Coca-Cola® is bringing you moments worth savoring with refreshing rewards like VIP upgrades, eGift Cards and more. The best part? You get access to all this just for enjoying your favorite participating Coca-Cola beverages.

We're always adding new experiences and opportunities to earn rewards, so check in regularly!


* Enter for a chance to win eGift cards, event tickets, vouchers and more.
* Enable location sharing to get rewarded at the places you already hang out with geo-located perks.
* Easily scan or enter product codes from your favorite participating Coca-Cola beverages.
* New sip & scan™ icons on Coca-Cola packaging make it easy to participate.
* Track your earned rewards and progress across in-app experiences.

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