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Genre: Books
Release Date: November 16, 2017

“Every quote, every picture reminds us of God's Glory and Love. It picks me up or reaffirms my thoughts about the awesomeness of the Lord.”

Be inspired, nourished and encouraged by hundreds of bible verses curated from the Old and New Testament.

• Every bible verse is featured with high definition full-color images. Internet is not required.
• There are no limits to the amount of verses you can view or share.
• Set a daily reminder so you never miss a new devotion.
• Share your daily bread with friends and family. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Meibo, E-mail, iMessages/SMS & Pinterest.
• Personalize it by selecting from a variety of fonts, themes and colors.
• King James Version or World English Bible support.
• Updated regularly with new features and verses.
• Translated in 27 languages.

Download our app and be encouraged by the promises made by Jesus Christ.

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