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Brinker International Payroll Company, L.P - Chili's Stadium artwork Chili’s Stadium
Brinker International Payroll Company, L.P
Genre: Games
Release Date: June 7, 2018

Play football in Augmented Reality! Create your own avatar player, aim your phone at the official
Chili’s Pitch Placemat and watch your avatar come to life in Augmented Reality. Control the ball and
advance down the field by winning a series of face-offs against your opponent. For a sure thing and a
spectacular show of force, hit your opponent with one of 12 power-ups! Once you are in range, be the
first to either shoot or block the goal. It’s game over when either player runs out of backup teammates
on the sidelines. Take home the trophy by netting the most goals before the match ends!

o Create Your Own Avatar: Choose from tons of options, such as hair color, hairstyle, eye color,
jersey type and color, shorts, socks and cleat colors, and crazy features like wings, bunny ears,
horse head mask, robot skin and cowboy hat.

o Selfie Mode: Pose with your avatar and take a selfie your friends will love! Avatars can be
scaled and positioned in a wide variety of creative poses. Share your selfie on all your favorite
social media sites!

o Game Play: Connect your phone with your opponent’s phone by scanning the provided QR
code in the app. Point your phones at the official Pitch Placemat and watch your avatar
teammates come to life in Augmented Reality! Choose a direction or a power-up during each
face-off and watch all the crazy, fun ways your avatars play this electrifying football game!

o Power-Ups: Choose one of the 3 power-ups you selected for each match and watch the action
on the pitch. Want to see your avatar grow 10 times taller and stomp on your
opponent? Choose Giant Man! Want to see your avatar kick a flaming ball and set your
opponent on fire? Choose Fire Ball! Want to see your avatar throw a banana peel to trip up
your opponent? Choose Banana Peel!

o Badges: The more you play, the more you can earn! Score badges for things like holding your
opponent to zero goals, winning 10 matches or winning 5 matches in a row.

o This app is free-to-play but game play requires an official Pitch Placement, which you can only
find in a Chili’s Restaurant.
o Playing the game requires an Internet connection via WiFi or Cellular Data.
o Compatibility is not guaranteed for all devices.

© © 2018 Brinker International

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