Che Boludo – James Bracken

James Bracken - Che Boludo artwork Che Boludo
James Bracken
Genre: Entertainment
Price: $4.99
Release Date: May 21, 2018

Heading to Argentina? Been brushing up on your Spanish?

When the taxi driver in Buenos Aires asks, “Sos shankey?” Will you know what he’s talking about? And remember, the ball cap on your head is not the same cachucha that it is in Mexico! The Argentines speak a distinct type of Castellano complete with a myriad of slang, maxims and hand gestures that will keep even the most fluent Spanish speakers struggling to keep up.

This comprehensive app includes a dictionary, grammatical explanations and audiovisual samples of Argentine dialect used in its everyday context.
Tune in and prepare your eyes and ears for the world of boliches, bolas and bardos!

© © James Bracken

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