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Duc Thuan Dinh - Castle Island Defense HD artwork Castle Island Defense HD
Duc Thuan Dinh
Genre: Games
Price: $0.99
Release Date: July 20, 2016

Your island is attach by enemies and they destroy all of thing in their way.
You are tasked to lead the Marshal tough fight the Enemy.
Let's take the right decision in any situation to protect your city.
There are a lot of weapons that your enemies used to attack your island. You must lead your troops with weapons to fight back respectively and destroy them.

To defense the attacks of enemies you have to be extremely wise and brave. You have to know when the battle to upgrade and use the weapon at the right time.
Bellow is the weapons you need to know the character of them and how to use them:
1. Ballista(Machine Guns)
– It could kill any enemies, especially aircraft, displacement, balloon. But it deal less damage than other weapons
2. Mortars
– Type of damage weapon with a very high level used to destroy the crowded army. It also has limited accuracy is poor can not destroy aircraft and balloon
3. Thunderer
– It is extremely useful for killing the engine above the enemy.
4. Freezerer
– It limits the movement speed of enemies as they move to the other weapons have more time to bombard the enemy.

Come on now, let's bring the talent and wisdom of you present and defend your island.
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