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Franz Abstreiter - Cashy - Simple Wallet Control artwork Cashy – Simple Wallet Control
Franz Abstreiter
Genre: Finance
Price: $0.99
Release Date: July 29, 2018

Adding new expenses can be done easier than ever before: Just input the price and – stop here. Cashy predicts the category and subcategory of your expense using statistics of earlier expenses. Of course you have the ability to manually set the category in the case that Cashy didn't choose the right category.

For any recurring purchase, Cashy will detect it and input the correct price for you after choosing just the category of the purchase.

With this app, we aim to reduce the effort to input expenses to the lowest limit possible. Help us doing so giving feedback and suggesting ideas to improve Cashy – we are happy to add any features that help Cashy users to track their expenses.

Any private data is kept on your local device to ensure perfect security.
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