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Rolf Bertram - CarStability artwork CarStability
Rolf Bertram
Genre: Games
Price: $5.99
Release Date: May 5, 2017

Unlike in the tvOS version, which has automatic camera control, in this iOS version the camera viewing the car is controlled via the gyroscope by tilting/turning the device, good for couch potatoes who need a reason to stand up and move a bit. It requires standing up, and turning 360 degrees around your vertical axis, and look up and down too. Minimal, but fast exercise. Beautiful jumps & spins with endless variations through 100% physics simulation without fixed animations. Points for popping balloons, spins and jump-flight-time, until you slide off the road. Symmetric controls for right and/or left hand. On iPhone and iPad via screen touch, and on AppleTV via SteelSeries Game Controller. Joystick for precise analog steering and precise analog forward/backward power. Brake and Stability buttons for spins. Both Apps, the iOS and the tvOS version, are included in the purchase price.

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