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Cyril Jarnot - Carrier Battles 4 Guadalcanal artwork Carrier Battles 4 Guadalcanal
Cyril Jarnot
Genre: Games
Price: $5.99
Release Date: May 3, 2016

CARRIER BATTLES 4 GUADALCANAL is a classic hex-and-counter wargame covering the naval-air battles in the South Pacific in 1942-43

Find the Japanese and strike at them before they sink your precious carriers and prevent them from invading key points in New Guinea and in the Solomon Islands

This is a living app with new features every 2 months 🙂

Main features:
– Solitaire play again powerful Japanese AI
– 6 historical scenarios : Coral Sea May 42, Midway June 42, Eastern Solomon Aug 42, Santa Cruz Oct 42, Guadalcanal Dec 42, Bismarck sea March 43
– Hex map with a scale of 30 miles per hex
– 40 types of warplanes, historical ships
– Naval-air search, radar, progressive intelligence gathering on enemy naval forces
– Air strikes against naval and land targets, surface battles
– Advanced damage system
– Invasion, naval bombardment
– Turn-based system
– A nice on-boarding sequence will guide the player to the depth of the game
– Available in English and in French
– No internet connection required to play against the AI

In-app purchases:
– 2-players game over internet, turn by turn
– A 7th scenario covering the landing at Bougainville and airstrikes against Rabaul in November 1943
– A 8th scenario covering the evacuation of Guadalcanal by Japanese troops in Jan/Feb 1943
– A 9th scenario covering the US invasion of Guadalcanal in August 1942
– A 10th scenario covering the US carrier raids against Japanese positions in Feb/Mar 1942
– Weather + what-ifs for the scenarios in order to test the effects of some likely events. Ex: what would happen if the Japanese had committed their whole carrier forces to invade Port Moresby, what-if the Saratoga was repaired on time for the battle of Midway, etc…

The duration of a game is about 1-3 hours

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