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Minhaf Shabbir - Car Crash Max Demolition Derby artwork Car Crash Max Demolition Derby
Minhaf Shabbir
Genre: Games
Release Date: March 28, 2018

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Car Crash Max Demolition Derby

Car Crash Max Demolition Derby is the best mobile racing category game. These days finding a worth while game on store is very difficult. We as a promising developer present you this realistic car crash stunts game of 2018. Drive over 6 exotic vehicles in an open world arena filled with different object like barrels,benches,traffic signs,signal,explosive barrels,barriers,glasses and many more.
Drive fast and hit these objects to see the realistic destroying effects we put in our game.

We have also added ramps to jump high as possible. Go at the one end of environment give full gas and drive over the ramps to score as high as possible.Different kind of ramps and blocks are placed at various place (Sky climb ramp, 360 degree ramp, roll over ramp, tuning roads etc etc).

Car Mode:
-Drift Mode
-Racing Mode
-Fun Mode
-Semi-Arcade Mode

In-Game Languages:

– 6 heavy power vehicles
-Car customization to give your vehicle a visual overhaul
-10 different wheel rims
-Body Colors
-Tyre Smoke color changer
-Wheel rim color Changer
-Car Suspension (Rear Camber, Front Camber, Vehicle Height)
-Time Modes
-Different Car behaviors
-And much more

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