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Alexandr Kozlov - btw – puzzle maze artwork btw – puzzle maze
Alexandr Kozlov
Genre: Games
Price: $0.99
Release Date: February 25, 2018

Engaing, innovative, minimal puzzle game with dozens of levels.

The aim is simple: you need to move through the field and pickup all the circles. The problem is they are visible only on one of two colors – that's why you should use toggles to switch the light.

*** How to play ***

The design is simple and there are different levels. A color line will enter in the field made of squares. The user needs to drag the line to collect the circles appear in that field. After collecting all the circles you need to exit from the field. After that, you will be on next level. You can also shift the line backward side. Gather all the circles and pass on next level.

*** Features ***
•88 unique levels
•Easy to play to refresh mind
•No target based labyrinth game
•Simple & user-friendly design
•You can mute sound & music in the setting option
•Labyrinth game with lots of different levels
•Relaxing sound and music

Play btw and become great witness in the route game.
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