Blocky Multi FPS Minigame Mod – Sail Archer Edition – LumiNet Kft.

LumiNet Kft. - Blocky Multi FPS Minigame Mod - Sail Archer Edition artwork Blocky Multi FPS Minigame Mod – Sail Archer Edition
LumiNet Kft.
Genre: Games
Price: $0.99
Release Date: November 8, 2015

The ultimate mc MINICRAFT multi minigame MOD is HERE!!! This multiplayer FPS archery SHOOTER will bring you a lot of fun with your friend(s) through the internet in MULTIPLAYER mod. Use your boat to avoid the enemy arrows, and plan your WARFARE tactic in the BATTLE FIELD cage. Survive the WAR and win the PARTY. Aim your BOW into the sky and snipe down every ARMY who’s hiding behind the blocks and put them into your pocket. Pro players are able to shooting while sail with the SHIP, and made the WAR ain’t look like a mini FORTRESS. Use your archer skills where every pixel counts, coop with your teammates and enjoy the game of course!
-WONDER the long beloved Minecraft atmosphere
-EVOLVED best FPS control in Minecraft universe
-PLAY with your friends in multiplayer
-MASTER the archery shoot never been so much fun
-COLORIZE your name and room
-WATCH others in the game lobby
-USE bunch of SKINS
-UNLEASH superior arrow physics
-Game Center Support 
-SKINS Uploader – Convert and upload your skins to your Mojang Account
-Team Multiplayer Mode

New features coming soon: 
-new skins
-upgrades on boat, shield, arrows
-minigames in the lobby
-eye-candy atmosphere

Also due to exporter for Minecraft, you can export any skin to your Mojang account!
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