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Valerii Dubovoi
Genre: Books
Price: $0.99
Release Date: April 23, 2018

The book lovers app.

Were you once confused trying to find a book you wanted to read at your apartment?

Did you bring home a new book, and found exactly the same one on your shelf?

Or are you afraid to miss a new book of your favorite author?

If it's about you, just get this app!

– Organize a catalog of a books for your own library.

– Combine the books in the series with their numbers, so you won't forget the order to read them.

– Mark your books! Put it in a home library list, mark it with an electronic form, or maybe you gave it to someone to read, or are you just planning to buy it?

– Add some books to the app which are not published yet. If a series is not complete and you'd like to get the sequel.

– Rate the books, so you can make your own author's rating.

– Specify the genres of your books, so you can easily search for books by genres you are interested in.

– Sync with all your devises by iCloud.
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