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Ramzi Abdallah - BibleLens artwork BibleLens
Ramzi Abdallah
Genre: Books
Release Date: February 23, 2018

BibleLens Features:
•Every day you will get a new bible verse in a very creative photo design.
•You can interact with the photo verse by adding comments to the photo.
•Slideshow to view all the verses in the month.
•All the year photos will be stored in an easily way to retrieve them.
•Get notification to view and read the photo verse of the day.
•You can share the photos with social media.
•You can read the bible with all languages and translations “YouVersion”.
•Worship Videos.
•Prayers Requests Wall.
•You can chat with others who are using BibleLens.
•User friendly design.

© © Ramzi Farid
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