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Genre: Education
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Release Date: January 9, 2015

We are so glad you've discovered bd Bakeoff! This is the only app designed specifically for practicing visual discrimination of the letters Bb, Dd, Pp and Qq and in this update we added a lowercase only option. These are some of the most often confused letters in the alphabet. Luckily, most of the letters in the alphabet have very unique symbols. These letter symbols are typically easy to learn and do not give the majority of students any problems. There are, however, a few notorious "troublemakers". Bb, Dd, Pp, and Qq are often reversed, flipped or visually confused with each other causing a wide range of problems for the early literacy learner.

These four particular letters look very similar to each other. The more alike the appearance of 2 letters, the more likely students will confuse them! Recognizing Bb, Dd, Pp and Qq can be a very tricky skill for students to master.

Let our newest app, bd Bakeoff! assist you in dealing with this problem in a fun and effective way. There are not a lot of fun ways to practice this nagging problem. We hope to change that with bd Bakeoff! bd Bakeoff! is the sixth app developed by Teacher Tipster Apps.

Pur­pose: To prac­tice quick, accu­rate visual- verbal recog­ni­tion of the likes and dif­fer­ences of the letters Bb, Dd, Pp, and Qq simultaneously.

Letter knowledge and recognition has a foundational role in literacy development. Recognizing your letter symbols with ease fosters phonological awareness, spelling accuracy, decoding skills and word reading fluency.

~How to play~

1. Choose a play mode

1 Player – Help the baker bake the sweetest cake possible. The more points you score the better the cake will look!

2 Player – Bakeoff Mode – Players sit across from each other and race to see who can find more of his/her chosen letter. The player with the most correct responses wins a delicious cake!

Practice Mode -Sorting activity – The Baker has been shopping. Help him put his groceries away into the correct cupboards. This is a fun sorting activity to give struggling students a fun way to practice letter discrimination.

2. Choose the letter you'd like to work on. (Bb, Dd, Pp or Qq) or (b,d,p or q).

3. Press Play!

4. Tap on the cake ingredients that have your chosen letter on them to add them to the baker's mixing bowl. The more correct ingredients you find the better your cake will turn out.

Similar to "Wack-a-Mole" in nature, the cake ingredients (letters) will appear and disappear very quickly. So you'll have to be quick! But, be careful! Points will be taken away for incorrect choices. If you make too may mistakes your cake may not turn out the way you had imagined!

One of the most effective ways to deal with reversals and visual discrimination problems is through multi sensory learning. 'bd Bakeoff' is a fast paced, hands on and engaging activity that will keep your student motivated to practice this tricky skill time and time again.

bd Bakeoff was made by teachers for teachers! We truly hope this will be a helpful tool for you to use with your students!
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