BBop and Friends 3D World – B’Bop and Friends, LLC.

B'Bop and Friends, LLC. - BBop and Friends 3D World artwork BBop and Friends 3D World
B’Bop and Friends, LLC.
Genre: Entertainment
Price: $1.99
Release Date: November 2, 2018

B'Bop and Friends 3D World is every parents dream. It's educational and entertaining. This game is not only fun, but is cool and designed to teach children that learning can be fun and cool. B’Bop and Friends 3D World will surely keep children entertained while reading about the life of each character and experiencing the interactive 3D World of B'Bop, Hop, Lyssa and Noe.

The game includes a reading challenge, one story for each character, Four – 3D Bedrooms, one for each character performing simulations, a multi-player 3D Basketball game, a multi-player 3D Tennis game, a 3D Skateboard Ramp, a 3D Dance Studio and a Musical Play List. Three games in one.

Ages 4+.
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