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Michael Szonn - Battle Killer Stuka artwork Battle Killer Stuka
Michael Szonn
Genre: Games
Price: $0.99
Release Date: August 13, 2018


Battle Killer Stuka – a bomber and fighter plane game. An airplane chases game with 18 missions in 3 operations. Stuka from World War II flies from the aircraft carrier "Graf Zeppelin" to the sea to complete missions. Ju 87 legendary as ME 262. Combat with destroyers, battleships – like the "Prince of Wales" – but also expressions are airborne to eliminate. It just starts and gets very heavy. It is also a small story that moves through the missions, to the total destruction of a seaport, with the help of the "Bismarck".
This game is the start to a series of other killer and giants (Yamato, Missouri, Hood, Bismarck, …) from WW2's past …

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We wish you a lot of fun.
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