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HajimeFuimoto - Balance Sheet - yourself artwork Balance Sheet – yourself
Genre: Finance
Price: $2.99
Release Date: December 28, 2017

You do not have to enter the details finely every day like household account books.
Please enter journal entries with this application only when you spend a large expenditure.

Then this application will create your own balance sheet.
You can see at a glance what you invested money and what assets you built up.

The act of creating this balance sheet, surely,
should be a good opportunity to reconsider the use of money once again.

■■■■■Major features■■■■■
・Create Balance sheets
・Create Proft and loss statement
・You can freely set the original account title and auxiliary subjects
・Journal search under various search conditions
・"Photo" setting for journal entries and auxiliary subjects
・Cooperation with other software by CSV output

■■■■Other features■■■■
・Certified public accountant made
・Display and operation are simple and no waste
・It can also be used as a household account application (P/L creation function)
・A sense of accounting and management is acquired
・It can also be used as a learning application for bookkeeping and accounting
・It helps to prepare the final Tax return

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