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Genre: Education
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Release Date: December 1, 2016

Auld Lang Syne…the iconic Scottish song…which has huge appeal throughout the world.

Do you know the words to the five verse?

This App can help you and provides an accompaniment whilst you sing .

For those of you whose language may not be English help is provided.

You can learn the correct way to say each word by listening and practising with the two slower versions where the words are spoken..and then you can sing the tune with the solo voice.

You can take the solo voice away completely if you want.

Or use the mixer fader to make it quieter.

It is also so easy to start from different places in the song.

Enter the number which is at the beginning of each line of the words as a Start Bar…

Enter an End Bar as well to practise different sections or Verses of the song.
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