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Release Date: July 26, 2018

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the world as we know it, and Artificial Intelligence School will teach you what you need to know to be a part of this revolution.

Whether you are a seasoned artificial intelligence practitioner or someone who’s completely new to the field, this app assumes no prior knowledge and has content for everyone.

With a comprehensive study plan, self-contained lessons, and over 75 questions you can learn everything from high-level machine learning principles to the essence of deep learning in just 15 minutes a day!

This app is not just a handful of trivia! Artificial Intelligence School emphasizes intuitive descriptions of concepts so that you truly develop a deep understanding of artificial intelligence.

* Complete course on essential artificial intelligence concepts taught at the top computer science universities and research labs in the world
* Lessons on cutting edge algorithms such as convolutional neural networks and recurrent neural networks
* Practical advice on how to develop and use artificial intelligence models in the real world
* Discussion of AI in real-world applications such as recommendation systems and conversational assistants
* Over 30 in-depth lessons covering everything from machine learning concepts such as supervised learning to deep learning
* Over 75 artificial intelligence questions with detailed explanations that can help you reinforce concepts, study for exams, or prepare for artificial intelligence interviews.
* Set daily reminders to keep you on schedule with the lesson plan

Some of the topics covered:
* Supervised Learning
* Linear Regression
* Decision Trees
* Support Vector Machines
* Unsupervised Learning
* K-means Clustering
* Principal Components Analysis
* Deep Learning
* Feedforward Neural Networks
* Convolutional Neural Networks
* Recurrent Neural Networks

… and many more!

If you want to learn more about artificial intelligence, feel free to check out or tweet at @mihail_eric. I always love hearing from you, so reach out if you want to chat!

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