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Genre: Games
Price: $1.99
Release Date: May 1, 2017

Army Training camp Game
Army navy Training school
Ever BEST Army sniper commando training game for Apple on App store
Play Army Training camp Game to train yourself as an army commando shooter or frontline army sniper and become an IGI commando killer. For all this you have to Finish the hardest and addictive military training camp school and make yourself legendary IGI commando warrior!
Consider yourself as leaner who decided to join army to defend his own motherland his own country and honor off army. Now start your training, complete all tasks given by your commanders training inspector and go to war against all nonhuman like bomb blaster kidnaper terrorist or other culprits.
It is a complete army training courses game for all army lovers. Enjoy this newest action game with army basic combat training over different army posts… Play as new recruits in platoon, follow the chain of command over rough terrain. It is not only your simple army training courses, get ready to be taken into the coldest nights, deserts, dense forest, hiking on muddy rough inclined mountains and more difficult areas with challenging exercises where you have to survive. Life threatening situations would make you see your death so closely that you won’t fear it anymore in the battlefield against the enemy. It is all about being from ordinary to extraordinary by traveling the hardest of the paths leading to the goal and that is to be a champ in the Army force.

would you like to jump from a 10 feet wall, stay in the water while your hands are tied and taken out at the mercy of your trainer; take command off army sniper shooter battlefield jet helicopter in non-activity areas where enemy is ready to hunt you, climb the net in 50 C scorching sunlight? Drive army truck in battlefield areas. Well only a crazy person would join the force to do all this as a normal man can’t live this life. To be a hero, you gotta pass through all this tough training. Once to graduate as a soldier who can fight, shoot, kill, and save prove your fighting, shooting, weaponry skills while competing with the forces of other countries and make the Army and State proud. You have so many different challenges in this course. So get ready to all kind of hardness and unmerciful fights.
Real Army Training Camp Obstacles.
Army training school’s environment.
Realistic Arms Training with Running, Climbing and Swimming.
Challenging Training Rounds.
Engaging Sound Effects.
Superb Animations.
fps Controller.
Shooting exercises.
Fighting exercises.
3D Real Graphics.
Different various missions and levels.
Shoot like a real Army shooter.
ADDICTING gameplay.
EASY and INTUITIVE controls.
Comprehensive game play of army cop duty training.
Obstacles to conquer within specific time limit.
Enjoy difficult stunts at every advanced level.

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