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Unlimited Happy & Arkit Company - ARmoji X Gold - Face U AR Emoj artwork ARmoji X Gold – Face U AR Emoj
Unlimited Happy & Arkit Company
Genre: Entertainment
Price: $4.99
Release Date: February 9, 2018

【Special Note:】
【This APP only supports iPhone X with a TrueDepth camera】
【ARmoji X Gold is the paid version of ARmoji X】

【APP Description】
it mirror your facial expressions with iPhone X's TrueDepth camera and incorporate your voice to generate a variety of personalized video clips or GIF, while you can Share unique videos and GIFs with friends via social software.

【Top features】
●【ARmoji】12 different ARmoji
●【Video Recording】 Up to 5 minutes video recording time and share to a friend
●【GIF Record】 You can record 10 seconds GIF animation and share with friends
●【equipment】Personalize your emoji with equipment
●【Background Switch】 You can switch between the background and the real background, highlighting different effects
●【Full body mode】 You can switch between head mode and full body mode, with the background switch to create more interesting scenes
●【More Share】Share with most social software


●【How to use one iPhoneX recording karaoke?】
1. Open our ARmoji X ;
2. Open your favorite music software to choose your favorite song to start playing;
3. Switch to our APP to start recording video;
4. If the video recording is too long , May take a long time to wait for storage, we are working hard to improve.

●Although we support 5 minutes video recording, but pay attention to your iPhoneX storage capacity
● Although we support AirDrop sharing, it may have minor issues because different APPs have different rules for sharing

【Future features】
●【Reproduction plan】 We think the initial few expressions are not very good, so they will be re-made in the near future
●【Voice Control】In the future, we will track and recognize your voice at the same time; for example, when you say "angry," moving emoticons will not only track your face but also show "angry results"
●【3D face regeneration】 With Truedepth camera, scan your face and quickly generate a 3D face of yours .
● 【More】 Give us more time, you will see more wonderful features brought by Truedepth. It is really a technology that will change the future of life

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