Aries the Sheep – Kush Fine Art Exports, Inc.

Kush Fine Art Exports, Inc. - Aries the Sheep artwork Aries the Sheep
Kush Fine Art Exports, Inc.
Genre: Entertainment
Price: $4.99
Release Date: December 12, 2011

A magical tale for children and adults. Every page is an interactive work of art you can explore and paint. Every page features new and unique flowing paint effects, voice narration, and original music.

This is a wonderful story, for both children and adults alike, about an unhappy sheep. Once, she went to the seashore and the Ocean helped her. How? You will find out through the amazing art and animation in the app! Help the sheep to be happy again! The destiny of the sheep is in your hands!

More than an app, it's interactive art for the 21st century. Vladimir Kush created all new paintings and sketches just for this work of art. Real pen & ink and oil & brush in the hands of a master, brought into your hands to experience with the magic of the iPad & iPhone.
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