Ant Splat Madness – Ramond Double

Ramond Double - Ant Splat Madness artwork Ant Splat Madness
Ramond Double
Genre: Games
Price: $0.99
Release Date: July 25, 2018

Ant and bug splatting on a new level! The more you kill the more that will come in this challenging game that tests your reflexes, skills and patience! Be careful not to react to quickly as some bugs will sting you and at some point one sting to many and your dead! Clear your home of this Invasion!

Game Features:
– Award system – Over 50 unique rewards to unlock!!
– Top Graphics
– reflex style gameplay
– full 3D environment
– Dangerous bugs, don't squish too many of them
– Points and Multi Kill Points
– Professional Sound
– Special bug killing weapons!! I feel their pain!
– Large variety of bug species
– Slow, Strong and fast bugs!

You don't wanna be a bug in this game!

All sorts of bugs, flies and ants that love snacks and will try take it from you! Squash,Splat and Squish them and don't let that happen!! when you run out of sugar the game is over!
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