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Ruckus Media Group - Animal Planet: Alligators artwork Animal Planet: Alligators
Ruckus Media Group
Genre: Books
Price: $2.99
Release Date: July 22, 2018

They may have a bad reputation, but alligators are one of the most important and essential animals in our ecosystem. An in-depth look at their environment and how they survive amidst challenging circumstances.

Kids will love to read and re-read this interactive iReader! It features in-story activities such as a word hunt, spot the difference, maze and a create-your-own-story page. iReaders help kids hone word recognition, vocabulary and reading comprehension skills and reinforce national educational standards. Some of the topics covered include: 

•Book Concepts 
•Alphabetic Knowledge 
•Phonological Awareness 
•Phonics and Word Recognition 
•Reading Comprehension                                                                

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