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Angry Chicken Games - Ambit Rush artwork Ambit Rush
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Genre: Games
Price: $0.99
Release Date: September 7, 2018

Ambit Rush is a fast pace star grabbing, orb bouncing game that is both exciting and maybe a little frantic. This game will keep you busy longer than your battery can stay charged.

The goal of Ambit Rush is to collect as many stars as you can by tapping the board. The trouble is, the more you collect the more red orbs that will spawn. Along the way you will get power ups that may give you the chance to eliminate some or all of the red orbs in your way, increase the stars, slow down the orbs, and more.

There are 24 different achievements to to unlock along the way. When you unload all of them there is a special feature that will unlock, for free!

Also all the stars you collect will go in to your Bank called Ambit Bucks. And you can spend your bucks in the store to buy power ups that you can use when ever you want.

Keeps track of all your stats, total stars collected, how many total taps, total time play, ratios, and so much more.

Endless hours of play with 3 different play modes! Best played on iPad, but also available for iPhone (it's just small).


– Unlimited re-playability
– 24 unlockable awards
– A Store to buy power ups with your Ambit bucks
– Full stats page to show all your gameplay stats
– Best score track stats you'll find

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