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Genre: Education
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Release Date: April 28, 2016

5 Minute Math is designed to help children, from the age of 6-14 years old, to rapidly learn their times tables. Using a technique we call the AB, ABC method developed by teacher, youth speaker and founder of InFlow Education, John George, they will learn a particular times tables with an average of only 5 minutes of play! And if they continue playing just 5 minutes a day they will master all their times tables in only a matter of weeks.


Practice Mode – Practice your times tables in ascending order!

Quiz Mode – Quiz yourself by answering your times tables in a mixed order!

Mad Minute – Challenge yourself and conquer your personal best scores!

Pop-a-Matics – Have some fun with all of the times tables that you've learnt!

Trophies & Records – Show off your personal best scores and achievements to friends and family!
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