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Anatoly Volnov - 4x4 Mania: SUV Racing Premium artwork 4×4 Mania: SUV Racing Premium
Anatoly Volnov
Genre: Games
Price: $1.99
Release Date: March 28, 2017

Racing, Derby and mud! Full customization, damage, revamped physics and vehicle stats and new cars! All this and more is waiting for you in this huge update.

This version of the game is ad-free and offers a bonus currency pack on purchase.

– Added racing and derby type missions
– Completely reworked tire physics modelling
– Added live axle and full suspension simulation
– Added ability to damage and destroy trees based on mass and speed of vehicle
– Tripled the mission count for each level
– Added new derby arena level with races and derbies
– Added AI opponents
– Added damage to cars
– Vehicles get dirty
– Added mud
– New vehicles inspired by: Baja Buggy, Cherokee, Blazer K5, Land Cruiser 80
– Added customization for parts: bumpers, bullbars, roofs and roofracks, snorkels, etc.
– Added detailed driving assistance setup
– Added detailed vehicle setup options
– Added manual gearbox and handbrake
– Added low gear
– Completely redid the user interface
– Added list of missions and races to each level for convenience
– Added new cameras and free camera rotation to some menus and cameras
– Added car turnover assistance when flipped over (accelerate and steer together)
– Added roads to levels
– Other things
– Fixed too many bugs to list, mainly related to tire physics

Powerful 4×4 SUVs that you can upgrade and tune to your heart's desire, mud, racing and demolition derbies!
Huge and tough offroad levels! Diverse environments: muddy forest, scorching desert, freezing ice lake, bumpy hills and a demolition derby stadium! Mod your SUV with bullbars, bumpers and snorkels, choose any color and upgrades to make it truly yours! Conquer all the elements: sand, land, snow, rocks, mud and ice in your tough 4×4 vehicle.

Complete challenging missions, races and derbies to earn in-game points.

16 SUVs – trucks and jeeps, to choose from, inspired by such classics as:

– Jeep Wrangler
– Jeep Cherokee
– Chevy Blazer K5
– Baja Beetle
– Toyota Land Cruiser 80
– Mercedes G Wolf
– Hummer H1
– 1970 Ford F250
– Land Rover Discovery
– Toyota Hilux
– Toyota FJ Cruiser
– Lada Niva
– UAZ 469
– GAZ 66

Get behind the wheel of an extremely tuned 4×4 SUV and conquer the wilderness!

Also featured in the simulator:
– Mud and tree-felling
– Dumb bots and less dumb bots
– Suspension and solid axle simulation
– In-depth graphics settings to support the widest range of devices
– Buttons, steering wheel or tilt steering
– 6 cameras
– Realistic simulator physics
– 4 types of upgrades for your 4×4 SUV
– Damage and checkpoints for the missions
– Manual or automatic gearbox, low gear, handbrake
– Detailed vehicle setup and driving assistance settings
– Damage modelling

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