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Akhil Karun - 3D Solar System Explorer AR artwork 3D Solar System Explorer AR
Akhil Karun
Genre: Education
Price: $0.99
Release Date: September 19, 2017

3D Solar System Explorer AR will let you experience Solar System with Sun and all the other planets wherever you are with your phone. Just launch the app to witness the beautiful planetary rotations of each planet in the orbit around the sun. It can help you learn, understand and remember better about the solar system.

In short, this app will let you manifest a full blown virtual solar system in thin air. The app is powered by latest augmented reality technology.

– Move up close to or farther to see each planet or sun closer or farther
– Try moving closer to earth to view orbiting moon and each continent up close and their spinning.
– See the rotation of moon around earth
– Works offline

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